Stills Photographer…

Hugh Tull works as a photographer specializing in providing unit stills and gallery photography to the film and TV industry. 

Hugh prides himself on his ability to work unobtrusively on set to capture the heart of a production, as well as making cast and crew feel comfortable with his presence, particularly during sensitive scenes or when working with young and demanding casts.

During his photography and film studies at The International Centre of Photography and Langara College, Hughs' specialty developed to making images that have a strong graphic and textual quality. To that end he often searches for symmetry in chaos, while still maintaining the personality and emotion of his subjects.

Hugh is constantly adopting new visual techniques in the service of his work and he makes a point of collaboration with some of the best creative minds in the industry. Hugh has regularly received praise from camera crews, 1st ADs, and publicists for his ability to getting the shots the production needs.

When not running around as a unit stills photographer, Hugh can usually be found shooting fashion, beauty, and portrait photography in a local studio.

Hugh is available for projects in Canada, US, and internationally.